I occasionally run marketing seminars. Usually in Shibuya and Odaiba.

Getting the right idea at the right time can transform your business. You could be just one idea from a major breakthrough…

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    “Matthew is a source of business inspiration. His marketing knowledge has proven invaluable to me in gaining new insights and ideas to break through old habits and ways of thinking. Matthew’s classes are a clever combination of theory, practical advice, real-life examples and detailed case studies, all grounded in timeless marketing truths. The calibre of his ideas and research reflects itself in the type of people his seminar attracts. I always leave his classes with new energy and determination to apply his lessons to my work and clients.”
    Tyler Harder, Co-founder & Director, Enterprise Solutions Division
    K.K. Tsunago

    “Matthew’s seminars are full of interesting, practical and innovative ways to improve how you structure, showcase and market your business. They’re chock full of practical tips, there’s plenty of research and to-do ideas for later and it also facilitates value creation between us students; as we share ideas, real life stories and how to’s with each other. ”
    Angela Ortiz, Director of NGO Place To Grow

    “As an artist, I had no business background, but I could find everything I needed at I Love Marketing Tokyo[Matthew’s coaching group]: a coach, bringing in useful knowledge for small business, based on tested strategies and experience; classmates who are serious about improving their marketing skills and eager to share their accomplishments; and lots of practical ideas to take home and increase the efficiency of my studio’s projects. To put it short, business and marketing are not difficult when you don’t make mistakes due to common beliefs.”
    Angelo Levy, Manga Artist

    “Marketing is such a vast topic, when starting up a new project or company it may be kind of overwhelming. Thanks to Matthew, everything is not only very enjoyable but mostly you can come up with practical actions to take right away. Those classes are precious occasions to share information with great people!”
    Antony Tran, President of PhotoLife14